Welcome to Nyord

When you arrive at Nyord from Ulvshale on Møn on a clear day, the first thing you are struck by is the incredible wide open spaces. Nyord has an everlasting stretch of meadow and sky. The meadows are Nyord’s main attraction and  home to thousands of birds. Just half way through the meadows, you can enter the bird tower and enjoy the magnificent view. A kilometre further in, after arriving at the island’s highlands, you turn and reach the nature centre Hyldevang. At the vantage point close by, you can get another breathtaking view across the meadows. Hyldevang offers good parking conditions, a playground, fireplace and shelters.

A small exhibition about Nyord is also available. Do not miss the idyllic, romantic stroll from Hyldevang into Nyord town via the old dirt road. It only takes 5 minutes and provides an unforgettable experience for life. Here, you get closest to Nyord’s nature. People who can’t make the walk and visitors to the church can use the small car park at the town. In addition, Restaurant Lollesgaard has a parking area for their guests. Access to this can be found just after the entrance to Nature Centre Hyldevang.

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Nyord meadows – one big bird sanctuary

Nyord meadow is around 400 hectares large. It is one of the largest and most bird inhabited beach areas in East Denmark. Since 1971, almost half of the meadows are owned by the Birdlife Fund. This organisation bought the fields to preserve as one of Denmark’s most important habitats for geese, ducks and waders.

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Shopping and restaurants

In the winter season there is not much open on Nyord, so we refer to the town of Stege – where there is a large selection of supermarkets and restaurants.

In the summer season, Nyord has a small grocery store called “Nyord Ø-handel”. Here you can buy the most basic groceries, etc.

During summer, our local restaurants “Lollesgård” and “Gastrø” are open. They serve delicious homemade food with a local tuouch of Nyord.

We also have “Nordbohandlen”. A lovely place where you can buy different spirits, local creamer and mustard etc.

Last but not least you should visit the local gallery and shop called Runas. They produce and sell glass art, jewellry, art paintings etc.

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